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Authentic Native American Handcrafted Jewelry

Tim Cozens
1953 - 2009
My Love, Rest Now

Above is a self portrait of my husband of 37 years. He was such a great photographer and I wanted to share some his work work with you.

"I got started in photography during the 70's and loved it. In the early 80's all my gear (2 Nikon F2's, lenses, etc.) was stolen. I had young kids, the budget was tight and I did nothing until the 90's. In the 90's I picked up a Nikon N4004s, a Nikon N80 and slowly got back into shooting again. Shortly after my wife and I moved from New England to New Mexico, in 2005, my wife suggested that I purchase a Nikon D70 and get into digital photography. My wife's cousin Susan Leith, who is a professional photographer and teaches photography at California State University, got me started using the digital camera and it's been great. I really like the control that I have over images and, using PhotoShop is a blast. Still, getting the shot right and limiting editing, is what I'm shooting for (No pun intended)."

Route 66 Mural

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Traditional Native American Dancers

By Tim Cozens

Santo Domingo Arts & Crafts Fair.

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