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RIP Killie 12/25/14

This is my Irish Wolfhound Killian. He's 7 years old now and 185 pounds!
He's wonderful and gentle and enormous. I thought you'd enjoy seeing him.
I like to call him Big Nose and he let's me have a bit of room on the couch.

Above December 2014 in our new home

Christmas 2013 ~ Killie with his Reindeer Antlers drinking from the faucet

Oct 2011 ~Picking up the dog from Doggy Camp - he's 4 years old here-
I have a clown car- I really need something bigger!

New pictures! Killian is 2 years 9 months old - August 2010 - the first 6 photos down were taken at the bosque where I walk him every morning

Below - 3/17/10 ~ 2 years 3 months old ~ Killie playing in the Rio Grande River - Think John Wayne, yes that river

Killie & Koono Playing at the Bosque

18 months old, next two pics

1 year old, next 3 pics